Tag! I'm it!

So I was tagged in another blog with the following directions, and being a rule-follower, I must comply :-)

  • Tell 7 things about myself
  • Tag 7 blogs I love and 
  • Hope those bloggers continue passing on the "cyber-accolades" 

First things first, seven things about Nicole:

1.  I L.O.V.E. Elmo :-) Here is part of our bonus room:

2. My undergraduate degree is in music performance (I play clarinet and piano)

3. My husband and I have two dogs (mutts - Buffy and Faith) and a parrot (sun conure - Soleil)

4. I love to sing - I am known to frequently burst into random songs at any given time

5. I am an "amateur professional" photographer

6. I love, love, LOVE Kyoto Japanese hibachi restaurant in Loganville (they put BACON in their friend rice!)

7. I can (and often do) recite every line from every episode (maybe not *every* line but pretty darn close) from Friends, Seinfeld, and the Big Bang Theory ... as well as from the movies Bring It On, Miss Congeniality, The Jerk, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, My Fair Lady - there are probably others but I can't think of them right now LOL -- if I'm not singing a song in response to something random, I am probably quoting a TV show or movie in response LOL

And now, seven amazing special education blogs:

1. The blog in which I was tagged, MD Teacher's Space, is a brand new blog but I look forward to seeing what it becomes! 

2. The mother and goddess of all special education blogs, of course, Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs