This is a short and sweet post just to share a little glimpse of one moment in a day in Mrs. Mays's class. A moment that provides:

  • an opportunity to choose (have some control over their life - they choose what color cup they want and what they want to drink)
  • an opportunity to be independent 
  • an opportunity to practice a skill

I've posted before about our lunchtime routine (here and here), and if you have read my blog then you probably know that I like to try to incorporate as many opportunities to work on daily living skills as I can throughout the day. One of the things we have been working on lately is pouring.

The pitchers that I use are from Lakeshore. I have one with white milk, one with chocolate milk, one with water and one with juice. After my students wash their hands, they come to the kitchen and pour themselves a drink. Some of my kiddos are quite adept at this skill already, others need assistance and lots of practice (hence the towel). Here's one of my expert pour-ers:

Our "pouring station"