I have a student who is constantly "crouching" in his chair with both feet in the seat. He also frequently slams his body against the back of the chair with great force and likes to sit with his chair tipped back with the front legs off of the floor. This may not be a problem sometimes but this particular student is unable to focus on anything while he wiggles and rocks in his chair, he gets so caught up in his movement that he zones out of everything else. I wanted to try a T-stool with him because it would force him to keep his feet on the floor to balance, allow him to wiggle a little bit, and since it doesn't have a back it would stop his body-slamming.

My daddy, master classroom carpenter, came to the rescue once again :-) He built this T-stool for one of my students using the top/seat from a broken bar stool. He made the base (the "leg") wider than a typical T-stool but so far it works very well for my student.