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When teaching students with autism, we often struggle to find ways to make the things they "have to learn" (i.e. standards) fun and meaningful to them and how to teach them in a way that interests the students. Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. make that SO much easier!!

In my classroom, we watch more than one Brain Pop and/or Brain Pop Jr video most days. There is a video for practically every topic you can think of - and you can search State Standards to find a video that corresponds to whatever you are teaching. The videos on Brain Pop have links to related videos, games/activities, quizes (GREAT for interactive whiteboards) and "More information" (printable information covered in the video)  and Brain Pop Jr has "Info for grownups" with ideas and printables for extending the lesson.

My students love Moby (a robot! how autism-friendly is that?) and of course they'd rather watch something on the computer than listen to me talk about it. Check out the free videos and the load of good info on their site -like the Brain Pop for Educators blog and the Grown Up Guide for Brain Pop Jr.


wesvt (visit their site)

Hi Nicole,

My name is Wesley Stannard and I am writing to you from BrainPOP. I came across your blog post yesterday and I wanted to thank you for praising BrainPOP, and for sharing how you use it in your class. It's wonderful to hear about how you are implementing BrainPOP with autistic children and we would love to have you share your experiences on our online community, BrainPOP Educators. Please let me know if this is something you may be interested in and thanks again for all the kind words.

Wesley Stannard
Manager, BrainPOP Educators
27 W 24 St, Suite 605
New York, NY 10010
212-689-9923 x 311