Adapting a worksheet - an example

Here is an example of how I adapted a worksheet about Squanto. The worksheet is from a 1st grade Social Studies workbook, the skill addressed is using a table to find information to answer questions.

This first adaptation is for a student who is working on matching colors. I have placed re-positionable labels that I have color coded with highlighters over the chart and used the highlighters to mark matching colors in the answer blanks. The student removes the label and matches the color to place the answer on the worksheet.

This one is similar but doesn't have the highlighted squares on the answer sheet. The color cue tells the student where in the chart to look, and they remove the label and place it in the answer blank.

This last example is the least modified - the color cues show the student where to look on the chart but the student still has to copy the answer into the blank. You'll notice I only highlighted the key words to help the student focus on that - teaching them to look for those words to find the answers. 


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Thanks.Some useful hints. I have bookmarked it on for future reference.