If you've watched my classroom tour video, you know that my classroom is sort of a maze.  Each area is clearly defined with physical boundaries.  Some of the dividers are play panels, that divide larger areas, which I love - they hook together and can also be bracketed to things to create "walls", they even have "gate attachments".

I discovered that using those large dividers between desks (for individual work stations) took up a *lot* of room and also made it harder for us to see everyone at once.  I tried using the cardboard type study carrels on the desk, but the students knocked them off, bent them, or ripped them.  Purchasing individual study carrels would be expensive. Daddy to the rescue again :-) I asked him to create some mini-dividers with a solid base that would be difficult to tip over.  I wanted something just big enough to block visual distractions from the student on either side.  These work perfectly!!

 He used PVC pipe, plastic cable ties, fiberboard for the divider and plywood for the base - so it was very inexpensive.  Again, like the footstools, they could be more aesthetically pleasing if you wanted to put more money into it, but I'm more function-oriented :-)

4 Responses to "Dividers"

Daisy (visit their site)

Hmmm...I smell a patent, do I?

MNicoleM (visit their site)

I know! I told him he needs to do this for a living - all of this stuff sells for TONS of money in special education catalogs!!
His being out of work is working out really well for me lately because he's bored and looking for "projects" and I'm more than happy to provide them LOL

jackie (visit their site)

is he willing to ship to new jersey?? i'll pay!

MNicoleM (visit their site)

Jackie - If you seriously want some, I can ask him!