Lesson Plans

I work so hard on these, and spend so much time on them, that I feel like they need to be on display somewhere for the world to see LOL

Seriously - Maybe it will help someone to see an example of my weekly lesson plans :-)
The template is adapted from one our principal gave us to use a few years ago.

Click here to see my LPs for the week of August 19th

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Anonymous (visit their site)

It has helped me tremendously! I'm brand new to teaching in a self contained classroom of children with severe and profound disabilities. I have been struggling with the lesson planning but can now focus more clearly after reading your post. Thank you!!!!!

MNicoleM (visit their site)

I'm glad it was helpful! And best of luck with your new job!

Unknown (visit their site)

well i have autism and dyslexi and to tell the truth i didnt realy understand it but thats maybe beacuse i am not a teacher.

Treatment for ADHD (visit their site)

I respect you so much for working with students with autism. Being in the classroom for 10 years and seeing those teachers work their butts off...you deserve much respect!! I hope you enjoyed your long weekend!!! I'm your newest follower:)

Anonymous (visit their site)

Not sure if anyone is still reading this. If so, I am wondering if there are any tips for librarians teaching autistic students. I have a few self-contained rooms, no TA, no budget. The rooms have special ed rooms TAs but they cannot help me as library is not part of their jobs. Therefore, I have to make all materials myself. Most of my autistic students are non-verbal, but a few have some language skills.